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3 ways to learn React Native for App Development in 2023

Hello guys, if you want to learn React Native for Application development but not sure how to learn and where to start then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best React Native courses and App development tools and technology and in this article, I am going to share best way to learn React Native in 2023, by reading books, joining online course and building projects. Mobile application development has advanced immensely in the last decade. Along with the web, demand for mobile applications has increased tremendously. Moreover, web applications are created by keeping the “Mobile-first approach” in mind.

Today, there are quite a few mobile application development frameworks. React native is one of them and certainly, one of the most popular. The mobile platform market is dominated by Android and IOS. So, React native, being a cross-platform application development framework, is very popular and widely used.

Apart from being cross-platform, there are several other reasons for React native’s popularity. It is easier to use because it uses JSX, just like React.js and it is very flexible. Moreover, apps built using React native are “native-like”.

So, if you are planning to learn React Native, you should go for it. React native has a huge market and developers are paid very well. In this article, we will list the top 3 ways to learn React native in 2023.

3 ways to learn React Native for App Development

3 Ways to Learn React Native from scratch in 2023

Here are my three ways to learn React Native for application development, it involves joining an online course to learn basics, going deep by reading books and getting hands-on and practical experience by building projects. If you follow this 3-point formula then you will sure learn React Native better and become an App developer everybody want to hire. 

1. Read a good React native books

To learn React native, you can choose books because books provide in-depth knowledge of a subject.

Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript” written by Bonnie Eisenman is one of the best React native books. This book is divided into several sections such as what is react native, working with react native, components for mobile, styles, and more.

This is a huge book that covers everything important in React native. So if you want a book to learn react native in detail with practical examples, then this book is what you need. 

If you want to learn full-stack React native, then you can choose “Fullstack React Native: Create Beautiful Mobile Apps with JavaScript and React Native”. In this book, you will how to build a different full stack react native app in every chapter. Fullstack React Native: Create Beautiful Mobile Apps with JavaScript and React Native.

best books to learn React Native

2. Join React Native Online courses

Another way to learn React native is by choosing an efficient course online. Here, we will list courses that you can choose to learn React native.

If you are a beginner with no knowledge of React, then React Native - The Practical Guide [2023 Edition] is a perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn what React Native is and whats are its basics. 

This course is a huge course with total video content of nearly thirty-three hours. So if you want to learn how to build cross-platform mobile applications using React native, then this is what you need!

Another course that focuses on React Native and hooks is The Complete React Native + Hooks Course. It is a relatively larger course with total video content of nearly thirty-nine hours.

best courses to learn React Native


3. React Native projects You Should Build

Once you are done learning React native, you should focus on building some projects for your portfolio and practical experience.

First of all, you should focus on basic projects in which the most important thing is the appearance of the app, navigation, and other UI stuff. You can start with a ToDO app. Try to make a simple but attractive user interface. Following is the list of some basic React native projects.

  • Notebooks app

  • Calories counter app

  • Google login app

  • Memes app

  • Calculator

  • Random quote generator app

Building a complex React native application can be tough and challenging. But it is necessary to build a complex React native application because it will give you the exposure and experience you need to work on a real-time project.

An Instagram-like application is one of the best project ideas for React native developers. In this application, you will need to build the frontend as well as the backend, and more importantly, you will need to create a perfect and attractive user interface. Other brilliant ideas are the News app, the Restaurant app, and the Weather app.

best projects to learn React Native

Wrapping it up
That's all about how to learn React Native for App development in 2023. Learning React native is not easy especially if you have no experience in development. But if you have proper resources, you can learn React native easily. 

In this article, we listed books to learn React native, as well as full-stack, React native. We also listed React native courses which will help you learn every necessary concept related to React native development. Moreover, we also provided some brilliant React native projects ideas.

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