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Top 7 Websites to learn HTML and CSS Online for FREE - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn HTML, CSS, and Responsive Web Design and looking for best free resources like online courses, books etc then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best free HTML and CSS Courses, and books and today, I am going to share best places to learn HTML and CSS for FREE. Every web page in this world has at least two programming languages to be designed which are HTML and CSS. These two languages give the design of every page and HTML is responsible for the structure of the web pages such as the buttons the text and so on but CSS is the styling language where you can color the text the buttons the sections adjust the width the height and much more.

The front-end web development is the design that the user or visitor interacts with and consists of at least HTML and CSS and some developers uses also another programming language called javascript to make the animation and make the website looks more professional. 

The average salary of the front-end web developer is around $77k a year according to which is a platform for posting jobs and salary statistics.

After reading this short introduction about HTML and CSS you may want to learn more about those two languages and maybe considering become a front-end web developer so here is a list of the best websites to learn these skills.

7 Best Websites to learn HTML and CSS for FREE

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best websites to learn HTML and CSS for FREE. 

1. CodeCademy

When it comes to learning a new skill, I first go to CodeCademy as it's the best resource to learn online. Unfortunately, CodeCademy doesn't have a curriculum for every technical skill, framework, or library but it still covers many core technologies like HTML and CSS.

CodeCademy has two free courses, called Learn HTML and Learn CSS which you can take online to learn these two core skills to become a web designer or developer. The Learn HTML course will teach you HTML 5 basics to build and edit web pages while the Learn CSS course will teach you how to style and visually organize HTML and CSS and it covers CSS 3.

The teaching style of CodeCademy is really great as it first introduces you to a concept and then asks you to do a simple task-based upon that concept, once you complete the task you move to the next section. This short session, combined with quick feedback makes learning fun and that's why I strongly suggest you start learning HTML and CSS from CodeCademy.

7 Best Websites to learn HTML and CSS for FREE

By the way, they also have multiple choice questions and freeform projects to enhance your learning experience but they are not part of free access. You need to join CodeCademy PRO to access those enhanced features, which cost around $16 per month. If you can afford then it's a good deal but their free material is enough to learn HTML and CSS.

2. Udemy

This is another website which I often go to learn new skills. Udemy has the biggest collection of affordable online courses to learn anything and HTML and CSS is no different.

For anyone who wants to learn in-depth HTML CSS or maybe as well Javascript for better website design can go to this platform called udemy and search between thousands of online courses available out there to make you learn and master the front-end development.

Anyone new to this front-end web development may be wondering which courses will be the best to start and I will suggest starting with this huge course called Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 that has 12 hours of video content taking you from zero and diving you in-depth.

Another interesting course is Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning will deep dive you more into the front-end with some projects. 

3. Pluralsight

Another interesting platform based on subscription instead of paying for every course like demy is Pluralsight. Tons of courses that will teach you as well how to become a web developer in HTML and CSS and build your own business as a freelancer or get a normal job as a front-end web developer.

Go to the platform and search for HTML and CSS course you will differently find tens of courses to get some real-world experience and I will recommend some of them to you as this course called Responsive In-Browser Web Page Design with HTML and CSS teaches you how to create responsive webpages from scratch. 

4. Coursera

A different e-learning platform is as well known for its professional courses that are not offered by normal instructors where anyone can submit a course but it is offered from the top universities such as Michigan universities as well from the top organizations like the Copenhagen business school.

Some Coursera courses that I see it is better to start with them since they are aimed to be for beginners so one of them called Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS starting from the basics till you learn how to solve problems as a programmer and more as well. 


5. edX

Completing with another good website offers some professional certification as well created by the major companies organizations and universities to give you more professional skills and learn like you are in the college while you are sitting at home.

Front-End Web Developer course is a professional certificate in this platform teaching you developing websites with the latest technologies such as HTML5 as well as CSS and JavaScript using the client-side web development techniques. 

6. w3schools

This platform is a great resource for many web technologies not only front-end but back-end as well such as PHP and Node.js and also other programming languages like python and C languages and all of the tutorials are articles with the ability to test your code online.

I will suggest this starting course about HTML if you are considering starting a career as a web developer then move to this CSS course for making your website looks more professional and beautiful. You can also deep dive into more web development by taking the Javascript course as well.

7. freeCodeCamp

This is another great website to learn HTML, CSS, and Responsive design online. FreeCodeCamp will also give you free certificate once you complete their course. It's also interactive course to learn HTML and CSS essential and I am sure you will love it as you will build many games and apps along the way and learn HTML by building things you love. 

That's all about the best websites to learn HTML and CSSS online for FREE. One of the main points that make business and websites successful is the user experience on your website how the buttons look and animation on your website and son on so to make the website looks professional you need to use HTML and CSS to do that.

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