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Top 20 Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers for Web Developers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for web designer or web developer interview and looking for bootstrap interview questions, one of the popular CSS framework then you have come to the right place. Earlier,  I have shared HTML 5 Interview Questions and JavaScript Interview Questions and today, I will share 20 common Bootstrap Interview questions for 1 to 3 years experienced web designers and developers. These courses are suitable for both beginners and intermediate developers. If you have used bootstrap and CSS then you can easily answer all of these questions but if you struggle to answer any of these questions then you can always go back and checkout these best Bootstrap courses to learn and revise essential Bootstrap and CSS concepts in quick time. 

CSS, also known as Cascading Style Sheets, is basically a design language that is useful for defining the look and formatting of your web pages. You can use CSS to add styling such as fonts, colors, and layouts to make your websites more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Web developers who are proficient and skilled in CSS are in huge demand all over the industry. If you are looking to start a career in this field, the most important thing you should do is start preparing diligently for your interview.

To make your job easier, w have created this article. In this article, we have listed some of the most commonly asked CSS interview questions with a special focus on Bootstrap CSS. This will be very helpful for both freshers as well as experienced candidates.

We have listed below some of the most important CSS interview questions for both freshers as well as experienced professionals. The questions in this article as well as the answers will definitely help you in familiarizing yourself with the type of questions that you may be asked in your interview.

20 Bootstrap CSS Interview Questions with Answers

Without wasting anymore of your time here is a list of 20 common Bootstrap interview questions with answers. I have tried to cover essential Bootstrap concepts using these questions so that you can revise key concepts in quick time. 

1. What exactly is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is basically a front-end mobile framework that is used in web development. It makes use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. What are the different components of Bootstrap?

Bootstrap has 5 key components. They are CSS, Scaffolding, Layout Components, JavaScript Plugins, and Customization. 

3. What can you tell us about a Bootstrap Container?

Bootstrap Container is useful for establishing an area in a website that will display content. It makes use of row elements to sort column groups that contain HTML code.

Bootstrap Interview Questions answers for experienced

4. What are the advantages of using Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is easy to learn and supports almost all of the popular internet browsers. Its design responds to any device and contains files for coding websites for mobile devices.

5. What can you tell us about Contextual classes in Bootstrap?

It is used for changing the colors in table rows and cells. The different contextual classes are .active, .success, .warning, and .danger.

6. What can you tell us about the Bootstrap Grid System?

Bootstrap makes use of a flexible grid system that can scale up to 12 columns as the viewing size increases according to the device being used. 

7. What do you know about Offset columns?

Offset columns are useful for making specialized layouts, moving columns, and creating more space on a website.

8. What can you tell us about class loaders in Bootstrap?

Class loaders are used for converting named classes into binary code. 

9. What are the different types of layouts available in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap allows you to use two types of layouts. The fluid layout is perfect for applications that are designed to use the entire width of the screen. In contrast, a fixed layout works well with standard screens. 

Bootstrap Interview Questions answers

10. What can you tell us about column ordering in Bootstrap?

Column ordering is useful for writing columns in an order that is different from how you want them to be shown. Bootstrap can do this by pushing or pulling a column so that it can appear where you want it to. 

11. How can you wrap content in Bootstrap?

For wrapping content, you can use the command ".container". This can also be used for centering the content.

12. How can you use Jumbotron in Bootstrap?

Jumbotron is useful for highlighting texts, increasing their size, and adding margins by creating a container with ".jumbotron" as the class. 

13. What is the basic difference between Bootstrap and Foundation?

While Foundation uses REMs, Bootstrap makes use of pixels. Foundation's preprocessor is Sass and Compass, while Bootstrap's preprocessor is LESS. 
Foundation is focused on mobile displays. Bootstrap works for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Top 20 Bootstrap CSS Interview Questions with Answers for 1 to 3 Years Experienced

14. What can you tell us about pagination in Bootstrap?

Pagination refers to the way a program organizes as well as displays an unordered list.

15. How will you display code in Bootstrap?

You can use a tag for displaying code inline. You can also use another tag to display code as its own element of block text or multiple lines. 

16. What can you tell us about the modal plugin in Bootstrap?

A modal is basically a small window that is present in a layer on top of its parent window. Bootstrap makes use of its own JQuery plugin called Bootstrap Modal.

17. What exactly is a list group in Bootstrap?

A list group is a basic component that is used for displaying both simple as well as complex elements along with custom content. You can use a class of ".list-group" to address a list.

Bootstrap Interview Questions answers for beginners

18. What can you tell us about a collapsing element in Bootstrap?

In Bootstrap, users are allowed to collapse elements of a website. You can do this without writing any new code. You can do this with the following commands: 
  • .collapse (options)
  • .collapse (show)
  • .collapse (hide)

19. How can you create basic or vertical forms in Bootstrap?

First, you need to add a role .form to the first element. Then you can wrap labels and controls along with a class of .form - group. Finally, you need to add a class of .form - control to text. 

20. What can you tell us about the Bootstrap Navbar?

The Bootstrap Navbar is that area at the top of the website which has links to pages that the user wants to emphasize. 

Bonus Questions

1. What do you need to do to add a badge to a list group in Bootstrap?

A user can add a badge by adding it to the element.

2. Tell us about Bootstrap alerts.

Bootstrap alerts are basically messages that can be used for adding styles to texts so that you can make them stand out to readers. 

3. What can you tell us about the Bootstrap Carousel plugin?

The Carousel plugin is useful for adding a slider to a website so that it can display large amounts of data in smaller areas. 


That's all about the 20 common Bootstrap interview questions for 1 to 3 years experienced developers.  for If you liked this list of the Top 20 Bootstrap CSS Interview Questions with Answers, feel free to share it with your friends and family. You can also drop a comment if you have any doubts regarding Bootstrap CSS and we will get back to you in an instant. 

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Thanks for reading this article so far. All the best for your Web Developer interviews and if you have any questions which don't know answer or any doubt feel free to ask in comments. I wish all the success with CSS and Bootstrap questions and rest of your interview.

P. S. - If you are new to CSS and Bootstrap and want to learn Bootstrap in depth, then I highly recommend you check out these best free Bootstrap online courses, which are both comprehensive and very engaging. 

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