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3 ways to learn MERN stack in depth in 2024

Hello guys, if you want to learn MERN Stack in 2024 but not sure where to start then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best courses to learn MERN Stack and in this article, I will share 3 ways to learn MERN stack from scratch. If you don't know MERN stack is one of the most popular and widely used web development stacks in the world. MERN stack uses React on the client-side while Node.js with Express.js on the server-side and MongoDB is used as the database. All the four technologies used in the MERN stack are widely used and because of this, their combination is also very popular.

The React.js is the most popular web framework according to StackOverFlow’s developer survey while Express was in the third position in the same list. In the same survey, Node.js was the sixth most popular programming language while MongoDB was the fourth most popular database.

So, these technologies, when combined as MERN stack, are very useful for full-stack web development. Because of the popularity of these technologies, learning the MERN stack is a great choice. The professional MERN stack developers are in high demand and are paid high salaries. 

This means learning MERN stack not only can make you a more competent web developer but also open the doors for high-paying lucrative frontend engineer jobs in both big and small companies, including FAANG.

3 Ways to Learn MERN Stack From Scratch in 2024

There are several approaches to learning the MERN stack. One is you learn each technology one by one and another is to learn the entire MERN stack together. The latter approach is challenging but if you have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and especially JavaScript, you can go for learning MERN stack. In this article, we will list different ways of learning the MERN stack in 2024.

1. MERN Stack Books

Books are an excellent source for learning something as big as MERN stack. In this section, we will list books that will help you learn the MERN stack.

For a beginner, “Beginning MERN Stack: Build and Deploy a Full Stack MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js App” written by Greg Lim is a great choice for learning the MERN stack. This is a huge book with twenty-six chapters. In this book, you will find everything from a basic level related to MongoDB, React, Express, and Node.js.

If you want a project-based book, then you can choose “MERN Projects for Beginners: Create Five Social Web Apps Using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node” written by Nabendu Biswas. This book will teach you how to create five brilliant web projects using the MERN stack.

2. MERN stack courses

There are several MERN stack courses available online. Some are free while some are paid. Here are a couple of most recommended and high rated courses to learn MERN stack.  For example,  MERN Stack Course - MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS is one of the best courses available online to learn MERN stack. 

This course has total video content of nineteen hours and it covers all the important concepts that you need to know for becoming a professional MERN stack developer. This includes JWT authentication, Node with ES6, React hooks, async/await, React router 6, and more.

For learning React, Node, and MongoDB separately, you can refer to the below list courses.
You can join one or more of these courses to learn MERN stack in depth. 

3. MERN stack projects

MERN stack is used to develop full-stack web applications. So, once you are done learning the MERN stack, you should focus on building full-stack web projects using the MERN stack.

One of the best choices is to build a working e-commerce web application. In this application, you must use React and its latest features combined with CSS to build an attractive frontend. Then, in the backend, you must use Node.js and Express with MongoDB. You can also use other libraries if you want. 

If you need a project based course so that you can practice alongside instructor then MERN eCommerce From Scratch is an excellent course if you want to create a working e-commerce web application using the MERN stack.

3 ways to learn MERN stack in depth

Other projects ideas using the MERN stack are listed below.
  • Instagram-like app
  • Travel log app
  • Task management tool
  • Workout tracker app

That's all about the best ways to learn MERN Stack in 2024. Learning the MERN stack can be a challenge, especially if you are a beginner. But if you have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and excellent resources, then you can learn the MERN stack in no time. 

In this article, we listed books and courses which will help you learn the MERN stack easily. We also added separate courses for React, Node, and MongoDB, in case you want to learn these technologies separately. Then, we added some project ideas that you may start building once you have learned the MERN stack.

In short, join a course, read a book, and do a couple of project from this list to learn MERN stack from scratch in 2024. 

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